University of Miami Psychology Professor Marie Nicolas, was just awarded for her work promoting mental health service in Haiti. 

Originally from Haiti, Nicolas obtained her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Boston University.


“She has also published several articles and book chapters and delivered numerous invited presentations at the national and international conferences in the areas of women issues, depression and intervention amongHaitians, social support networks of ethnic minorities, and spirituality.”


Her recent books includes:

Contemporary Parenting: A Global Perspectiveby Routledge Press.
Through a global, multidisciplinary perspective, this book describes how four factors influence parenting practices: a countries historical and political background, the parent’s educational history, the economy and the parent’s financial standing, and advances in technology. Part 1 reviews each of these factors in detail. Part 2 features cases that illustrate the impact these factors have on parenting practices around the world including Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.


Building Mental Health Capacity in Haiti through Collaborative Partnershipsby Nova Publishers.
This monograph is a guidebook focusing on how to implement mental health training programs internationally. The book is structure in a way that utilizes Haiti as an example of what scholars who are interested in global mental health can do to effectively implement a training program internationally.


Social Networks and the Mental Health of Haitian Immigrants by Caribbean Studies Press .
The book provides information regardingthe lives of Haitian immigrants through research at the intersection of culture, social networks, and mental health. In addition, recommendations for providing culturally sensitive and effective services are included in the book.




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